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Friday, April 13th, 2012

Welcome to the BBS Magazine, Wynaut?!

Why did we call it that? Well…wynaut?

Wynaut? is a blog magazine dedicated to the more creative side of the wonderfully immense and confusing world of Pokémon. Nothing on here is official, of course; it’s all run by fans, for fans. This is most certainly not a news site, and those looking for the hottest news on the new games should probably look elsewhere. However, if you want to know what’s up in the fandom, what fanfics and fan theories are out there, how Lanette or Candice might respond to interview questions, or what exactly the deal with Wobbuffet might be, you have found the right place. Works you can expect to see on this site include interviews of canon characters, comedy pieces, features on specific Pokemon, fake (hopefully funny) advertisements, fan art, recommendations on other fan creations and featured works, tips on writing and other creations, and discussions on Pokemon topics. There will be articles and polls and pictures, oh my! We aim to entertain, of course, but not all content will be humorous – just a lot of it.

All content is made by the user base of the BBS and put up here by the staff for all to see. The content is organized in categories, so if you’re looking for something specific (for instance, articles, or humor bits, or pictures), you can start by going through the appropriate category. Or, you can choose the more traditional approach to magazines and simply proceed in posting order. The choice is yours – explore as you will and enjoy Wynaut?!

So, you ask, can I be a part of this? Anyone can! If you wish to contribute, sign up to the forums and post in the Magazine section. Contributed works need to get the go-ahead by the staff – though members are welcomed to offer their opinion on the matter – but we’re certainly looking for new content and welcome any assistance! Even if you don’t have any writing or art you wish to offer, you can come by and give us a hand by brainstorming, commenting, editing, and really just hanging out.