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Interview – insaneintherain

Monday, April 6th, 2015

As a follow-up to the Fan Work Review article we made of insaneintherain’s Jazz Covers, today we have an interview with the man himself! As a reminder, insaneintherain is a youtuber who produces jazz covers of various video game tunes, many from the Pokemon games. See the previous article for examples of his videos! We definitely think they’re worth checking out.

Again, we’ll be tackling other fan work review articles in future, and may do other interviews as well. If you have any suggestions for cool Pokemon work for us to cover, or even want a fair review for your own work, leave a comment!


Interview with AE Games Lead Developer

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Hello, everyone! Today we’ve got a special treat for you – an interview with the lead developer of a new game development company, AE Games! AE Games is a company that’s sick of the way that the majority of third parties treat the Wii U, something they had stated publicly and which has garnered a fair bit of attention. If you’d like to see their full statement regarding the Wii U’s treatment and what they want to do about it, you can read it here.

AE Games has started development on a new Wii U exclusive called “Mad Men Football!”! Mad Men Football is a game where various historical figures play american football, in stark contrast to most modern sports games. There are very few third party Wii U exclusives, so in my opinion, the more new games coming to the system, the better! Enjoy the interview!


Gabby and Ty’s Special Nurse Joy Interview

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Without Pokémon Centers (let’s say PokéCenters for short) we’d be somewhere in Ilex Forest bowing to that ruddy Weedle and pleading him for mercy and not to poison poor old Chikorita, since you don’t have that Antidote with you. Or the possibilities go to old school running away from Beedril. Whenever she says, “We hope to see you again!”, it’s as if she knows you’re going to come back to heal that wounded Piplup. She also sweetly informs you when a double EV intake virus known as “Pokérus” is affecting your Pokémon. And also Brock. Him and his Nurse Joy flirting may have caught you. Nice, isn’t she? But she never gets any attention… so we think. Who is this nice lady in person…? Let’s go to a PokéCenter (I’m not telling you where on request of Nurse Joy) and clear the rumours. (more…)

Interview with Daycare Woman

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The Day Care Center: a staple of every region, where lazy trainers send their Pokemon to level up without them, and amateur Breeders send pairs of Pokemon to learn about who works, who doesn’t, and how much time it really takes to get an egg. We were lucky enough to meet up with the Daycare Woman of Johto, who gives us her stance on breeding, making a profit, and kids today.