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Forum Events & Achievement System!

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Yes, a short advertisement!

The BBS Forums are currently running a posting blitz, coupled with a number of events to be held over the next week, such as a game of Mafia (kill or be killed), writing prompts, and wifi battling. Also a thread just for CAPSLOCK AND GIFS. Why not register and join in?

In addition, we’ve also launched a Achievement Hunter system. The link gives more details, but the gist is that you can get achievements that can be displayed in your profile and postbit, coupled with points.

How do you get achievements? By completing tasks. They range from doing stuff on the forums (like posting your works, or just posting in general), on Wynaut? (like helping edit or write articles via the forum), or for stuff you do in Pokemon (like beating the games [main and spinoff!], or watching the anime, or sharing a new piece of Pokemon merch you got). You can even suggest new achievements for the system – it can always get bigger! But basically – talk about stuff you did in the games or with other canon, and/or contribute stuff on the forums, and get rewards.

The points? Well, that’s up to you on how to use them. The shop system the forum has allows you to buy stuff like profile customisations, or your own ‘shop’ that you can run and offer services like Pokemon trades or an art shop for more points! Rumor has it a forum RPG/Anime-Style Battling section might go up soon too, which’d also use these points. And points are on top of a shiny badge once the system is fully implemented too.

So join in! We don’t bite. Much.

Wyatt may bite, though.

We’ll soon resume with more articles!

Wyatt’s Ads

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

What, you thought stuff this bad came free? Well you were wrong! In order to afford a regular meal for Wyatt and pay some medical bills after our conspiracist attacked a school, we’re running a few ads.