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The Pokémon Company today has had a press conference – a curious event for them. They have just announced a new game called Pokémon Go for a 2016 release, a project for smartphones (Android and iPhones). People can catch, trade and battle Pokemon using their phones and AR technology, a change of platform. This isn’t like the main games, but the base concepts certainly appear to be there. Fear not however – it’s very unlikely this will replace the handheld titles we know and love.

Go where? Everywhere, it seems. See the trailer and info in the full article!

It appears reminiscent of a Google Maps April Fool prank a few years ago called Pokemon Challenge. It’s also said to be based on the mobile platform game Ingress, and developed by the people behind that title (Niantic, a startup from Google that became independent – perhaps they were behind Pokemon Challenge?). This project was also a vision of the late Iwata of Nintendo, a man who contributed a lot to Pokemon. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are involved as well – Junichi Masuda for instance is creating locations and music, while Pokemon go will link to the main games. There’s even a wrist device involved.

Pokemon Go Plus.png
Watch out!

As this is a mobile title, one point of contention will be pricing. It’s been announced as free to play, with in-app purchases (microtransactions), which won’t sit well with many people. What are your thoughts about this announcement? Share your thoughts below! Watch the trailer below as well.

Thanks to Serebii.net for the logo image.

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  1. Psychic Says:

    I think the Pokemon Challenge was more of a preview that nobody would ever expect to be a preview. Kind of genius, really.

    I think this sounds really cool. Someone on Reddit pointed out that it’s almost like an MMO, which fans have wanted for a long time. That is also uses AR also ignites the imagination of so many fans, both young and old, who’ve wanted Pokemon to be real at some point. I’m personally stoked to see the kinds of communities that will come of this – talk about a great way to find fellow fans!


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